Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Michelle Trachtenberg Gossip Girl Season Six

Michelle Trachtenberg Gossip Girl Season Six, Michelle Trachtenberg, just like her conniving character Georgina Sparks, loves to gossip. She recently revealed a dirty little secret about the upcoming sixth and final season of Gossip Girl. While we’ve been dying to know whether Chuck and Blair will stand the test of time and finally get their happy ending, Michelle divulged a completely unexpected spoiler that will surely lead to drama in the Upper East Side!

What did Michelle leak to the presses? According to her,

“Georgina will be there at the end. Georgina should sleep with every one of the male characters on the show. I think it’s not fair to single one out. Even though she’s married, she’s an equal opportunity offender. I look forward to bedding every Upper East Side boy…as Georgina!”

Georgina never fails to surprise us as a scandalous socialite, but we can’t help but wonder how she’s going to scheme her way into the arms of Manhattan’s most eligible bachelors this time!

What kind of trouble do you expect Georgina to stir up with her new romantic conquests? Let us know in the comments!
Title: Michelle Trachtenberg Gossip Girl Season Six
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